CLEAN BOAT – Special Carene 1L

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Removes Rust, Yellow Veils, Passivates and Protects.


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CLEAN BOAT Spécial Carene is a revolutionary product created for the nautical market. This product’s incredible performance has been proven by professional use during 8 years.

The 98% biodegradable, organic based formula has turned this product into a must-have for the restoration of your boat.
The efficiency and the acid base of this product removes rust and restores the whiteness to all the treated surfaces. Simply apply the product with a brush or spray on dry surface, let it sit for a few seconds and rinse thoroughly with clear water. CLEAN BOAT Spécial Carene also removes effectively all types of organisms from your hull or outdrive (algae, shells, etc…). The passivating action of this product slows down the oxidation process of the treated surfaces.

It’s ability to remove efficiently the static film from your surfaces extends the durability of the effects of the product, it leaves a waterproofing coat that protects against environmental pollution.

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